Pennsylvania Child Care Research

In this study, the economic cost of child care in Pennsylvania was estimated via the ingredients method using detailed site-level resource data from a large, representative sample of providers. The principle finding of the study is an estimated weekly cost of child care of $290 per child, which is generally higher than in prior studies. Costs were related to several provider characteristics including quality, type, and location. Recommendations are provided to reassess the subsidy rate structure and explore viable alternatives. A followup study examined the financial and operational impact of COVID-19 on child care providers, and included a detailed cost analysis, a representative statewide survey of child care providers, and in-depth interviews with child care providers and workers.


Creators Gregory Collins; Philip Sirinides
Deposited August 14, 2020 17:57
Open Access
Creators Philip Sirinides
Deposited August 12, 2020 15:18
Open Access


Title Pennsylvania Child Care Research
Subtitle 2019-2020
Creator Philip Sirinides
Keyword COVID-19; Child care; economic cost; ingredients method
DOI doi:10.26207/y8vw-zc58
Deposited at October 28, 2020 13:03