Infant Feeding Method and Asthma

The feeding method that parents choose for their infant may have an impact on the development of the infant’s respiratory system. It is important for all expecting mothers and fathers to know how breastfeeding their infant has life-long benefits to their respiratory health in comparison to formula feeding. This Evidence-based practice (EBP) project focuses on how different feeding methods in infancy affects one’s chances of developing asthma during childhood. Although all mothers have a unified goal of feeding their baby to promote growth, it is the nurse’s responsibility to educate these families on the best method for feeding and how different feeding methods during infancy can affect the infant’s health for the rest of their lives. Research found that exclusive breastmilk feeding during the first six months of life can decrease the risk of asthma development. We recommend that education regarding these findings be implemented into prenatal and postnatal care.



Work Title Infant Feeding Method and Asthma
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  1. Kathryn Herr
  2. Hannah Nicole Kertes
  3. Sofia Perez-Espinosa
  4. Maria Burkett
  1. Penn State Mont Alto Academic Festival 2022
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Publication Date April 22, 2022
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