Discovering Student Perceptions and Experiences With Undergraduate Research

This poster will present initial findings from a multi-campus research project to discover students' perceptions and experiences with undergraduate research. The presenters were interested in learning more about student motivation, students' perceptions of the benefits gained from these experiences, their ideas around the research process, if library involvement had an impact, and if the students see transferrability from the skills they have gained in these opportunities. This survey was deployed at five campuses after their spring undergraduate research exhibitions. From this survey data, we hope to have a better understanding of how our students are thinking about and benefiting from these experiences. We believe this is the first step into continuing to build a robust program of undergraduate research at our institution.



Work Title Discovering Student Perceptions and Experiences With Undergraduate Research
Open Access
  1. Hailley Fargo
  2. Christina Riehman-Murphy
  3. Jen Jarson
  4. Emily Lauren Mross
  5. Erin Burns
  1. information literacy
  2. undergraduate research
  3. library support
License CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
Work Type Poster
Deposited June 18, 2020




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