Program-level strategic planning for electrical engineering technology programs

<jats:p> Strategic planning is a tool widely used in business, industries and non-profit organizations and has been recently adopted in academia. However, because their own characteristics, the strategic plans in colleges and universities are mostly developed at an institutional level. As these provide an overview of the organization, they cannot be very detailed and may contain a certain amount of ambiguities in order to satisfy its multiple constituencies. At the institutional level there are limited opportunities to include specific strategies that may affect individual academic programs. To solve these limitations, this paper proposes strategic plans being developed and incorporated at the program level, specifically for electrical engineering or electrical engineering technology programs. The appropriate strategic planning results in strengthen these programs and generate useful and significant dialog among their constituencies. The paper finishes by showing a generic strategic plan for an electrical engineering technology program that can nevertheless, be adopted and modified as needed by faculty and academic staff involved in this process of creating a similar plan for their own electrical engineering programs. /jats:p

Lozano-Nieto, Program-level strategic planning for electrical engineering technology programs, 'The International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Education' (, ) pp. 002072092095312. Copyright © 2020. DOI: 10.1177/0020720920953129. Users who receive access to an article through a repository are reminded that the article is protected by copyright and reuse is restricted to non-commercial and no derivative uses. Users may also download and save a local copy of an article accessed in an institutional repository for the user's personal reference. For permission to reuse an article, please follow our Process for Requesting Permission.



Work Title Program-level strategic planning for electrical engineering technology programs
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  1. Albert Lozano-Nieto
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  1. SAGE Publications
Publication Date August 25, 2020
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  1. 10.1177/0020720920953129
  1. The International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Education
Deposited September 09, 2021




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