The following introductory texts provide comprehensive background information on education policy as well as school reform, a concept that is intrinsically linked to education policy. The study of education policy involves a mixture of concrete topics and theoretical perspectives and many of these texts work to provide overviews of the many topics and theories common in education policy. The recently compiled Handbook of Education Policy Research (Sykes, Schneider and Plank 2009) was published by the American Educational Research Association and provides an excellent foundational resource for anyone interested in policy research. Many of the other texts listed in this section are very useful as textbooks in introductory courses on policy (Fowler 2009), school reform (The Jossey-Bass Reader on School Reform 2001; Fuhrman and Lazerson 2005) or educational foundations (Spring 2010). The Fowler (2009) text in particular, although intended for educational administrators, is an excellent resource for undergraduate as well as graduate students hoping to understand the policy process and the various actors involved in policymaking. While this text includes many examples, the focus is much more abstract. The texts on school reform (such as Fuhrman and Lazerson 2005), on the other hand, focus more on the integration of examples of the key issues in American school reform with theoretical explanations.


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