Honest signals dataset

Sex differences in animal coloration often result from sex-dependent regulatory mechanisms. Still, some species exhibit incomplete sexual dimorphism as females carry a rudimentary version of a costly male trait, leading to intralocus sexual conflict. The underlying physiology and condition-dependence of these traits can inform why such conflicts remain unresolved. In eastern fence lizards (Sceloporus undulatus), blue iridophore badges are found in males and females, but melanin pigmentation underneath and surrounding badges is male-exclusive. We track color saturation and area of badges from hatching through maturity, and their relationship to individual quality (body condition and immunocompetence) and relevant hormones (testosterone and corticosterone). Saturation and testosterone were positively correlated in both sexes, but hormone and trait had little overlap between males and females. Saturation was correlated with body condition and immunocompetence only in males. Co-regulation by androgens may have released females from resource allocation costs of color saturation, even when in high condition. Badge area was independent of testosterone, but associated with low corticosterone in females, indicating that a non-sex hormone underlies incomplete sexual dimorphism. Given the evidence in this species for sex misidentification and harassment based on ornamentation, this sex-unspecific co-regulation of an honest signal may underlie intralocus sexual conflict.


De Almeida Assis, Braulio (2021). Honest signals dataset [Data set]. Scholarsphere. https://doi.org/10.26207/fzq1-9k80


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Work Title Honest signals dataset
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  1. Braulio De Almeida Assis
  1. sceloporus
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Publication Date 2021
DOI doi:10.26207/fzq1-9k80
Deposited February 25, 2021




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