Is There A Curator in the Library?

This invited presentation was given at the annual lunch for Access Services, Cataloging and Metadata Services, I-Tech, and Serials and Acquisitions Services. It addresses what digital curation is; why libraries have an important role to play in digital curation activities; what a digital collections curator at Penn State Libraries does; and the state of these kinds of lifecycle management activities at Penn State.



Work Title Is There A Curator in the Library?
Open Access
Creators Miller, Kelly E.; Hswe, Patricia; Patricia Hswe *; Jenna; Hayes, Beth; Martin, MairĂŠad; Furlough, Michael J.
Version number 1
Keyword data curation; digital curator; digital curation
License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States
Work Type Presentation
Publication Date July 2010
Language English
Geographic Area University Park, Pennsylvania, United States
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