Validation of Inverter Labelling with Plant Transfer Functions

Quality control on data for utility-scale PV is a challenge due to the quantity of data. One potential issue is mislabelling of the plant's segment outputs (e.g. production measurements made at the inverter level). If a segment's output is incorrectly labelled, it presents an obstacle to plant monitoring and maintenance as operators will not know where fixes are needed. This study aims to demonstrate the possibility of utilizing the Cloud Advection Model to perform quality checks on the labelling of production outputs at a plant segment level based on information about the plant's spatial layout. Results utilizing simulated data showed that the plant transfer function predicted by the CAM could provide discrimination between plant segments that are separated in the cloud motion direction. The discrimination occurred primarily through the phase of the transfer function, but in cases where the plant's dispersion varied in the cloud motion direction, changes to the transfer function bandwidth were also observable. Further study and practical validation of this method utilizing real plant data is warranted.


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Work Title Validation of Inverter Labelling with Plant Transfer Functions
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  1. Joseph Ranalli
  1. Variability
  2. Data validation
  3. Cloud advection model
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Publication Date June 16, 2023
  1. 50th IEEE PV Specialists Conference
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