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Disclaimer: The purpose of this paper is to fulfill course requirements for BBH 411W and to stand as a personal writing sample, but the findings should not be treated as generalizable research. This experimental study analyzes the relationship between short-term memory and chocolate consumption among college students. The hypothesis was that eating chocolate would help improve short-term memory function. Upon consent agreement, subjects, Penn State college students, were randomly assigned to either a treatment or controlled group via coin flip; treatment group was given 1 Hershey Kiss (milk chocolate) to consume before participating in the experiment. The data did not support the hypothesis and the results concluded that chocolate consumption was not significant with short-term memory. Limitations of this experiment included health-consciousness and many confounds were present in the overall experiment. Objectives: The objectives of this assignment were to learn how to run an experimental study that involves consent, in addition to learning how to write up a lab report and following ethical and class guidelines.



Work Title Final Lab Report 3.pdf
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  1. Ramon, Jennifer Ubiadas
  2. Angelica Fuentespina
  1. Chocolate consumption
  2. College students
  3. Short-term memory
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Publication Date March 21, 2016
Deposited April 15, 2016




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