Brain drain in the rust belt: Can educational reform help to build civic capacity in struggling communities?

City leaders increasingly have hoped that school reform can spark a renaissance in struggling communities. Using the lens of building civic capacity, this article examines efforts to revitalize "Milltown"-a small urban community that has been devastated by the loss of manufacturing jobs. Analysis of interview and written documents identifies several paradoxes that highlight the ways in which the conceptions of individuals and the nature of this former manufacturing community contrasted dramatically with the realities of the emerging global economy. Findings detail these paradoxes and describe the role of the town's school district in driving the reform efforts intended to address these dilemmas.

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Work Title Brain drain in the rust belt: Can educational reform help to build civic capacity in struggling communities?
Open Access
  1. Dana L. Mitra
  2. Marcela Movit
  3. William Frick
  1. Bottom-up reform
  2. Education reform
  3. High schools
  4. Leadership
  5. Policy formation
  6. Politics
  7. School district
  8. School–community partnership
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Work Type Article
  1. Educational Policy
Publication Date December 14, 2007
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