Subject Liaisons in Academic Libraries Data.csv

The Subject Liaisons in Academic Libraries: An Open Access Data Set from 2015 (Nero and Langley, 2017) includes an CSV spreadsheet comprised of data collected about subject liaison librarians and the work they are doing in academic libraries, specifically librarians from land-grant, Oberlin group and Association of Research Libraries (ARL) libraries. The data set contains data from 1808 participants on eight demographic questions, five subject liaison responsibilities questions, seven outreach and instruction questions, three traditional reference questions, two scholarly communications questions, and three subject liaison questions. There was an open ended question which asked for comments of any kind. Two of the questions were standardized: Q9 “Where did you get your library/information science degree” and Q13, type of library. Information deemed to have identifying characteristics has been redacted and labeled “REDACTED - Identifying Information.”

NOTE: The data is also available from the from Princeton University via the related link.



Work Title Subject Liaisons in Academic Libraries Data.csv
Open Access
  1. Langley, Anne Elizabeth
  2. Nero, Neil A.
  1. Open Access, Dataset, Subject Liaisons, Librarian, Academic Librarian, Questionnaire, Libraries
License Attribution 3.0 United States
Work Type Dataset
Publication Date October 16, 2016
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Deposited September 23, 2016




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