Malicious Corruption Resilience in PMU Data and Wide-Area Damping Control

This paper presents a framework for malicious corruption resilience in phasor measurement unit (PMU) data and a methodology for applying this in wide-area damping control. The problem of detecting corruptions in raw PMU measurements is formulated as a compressed sensing problem and the compromised signals are recovered using an lp -norm (0 < p < 1)-based online robust principal component analysis (RPCA) algorithm. The performance of the proposed method has been compared for different patterns of corruption with an l1-norm-based RPCA algorithm. The effectiveness of using the proposed data preprocessing architecture for correcting raw PMU feedback signals corrupted by missing data attack was demonstrated for closed-loop wide-area power oscillation damping control in 16-machine, 5-area New England-New York system.



Work Title Malicious Corruption Resilience in PMU Data and Wide-Area Damping Control
Open Access
  1. Kaveri Mahapatra
  2. Mahmoud Ashour
  3. Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri
  4. Constantino M. Lagoa
License In Copyright (Rights Reserved)
Work Type Article
  1. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Publication Date March 1, 2020
Publisher Identifier (DOI)
Deposited November 16, 2021




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