Enterprise Architecture practice in Nigeria

Enterprise Architecture is increasingly becoming a crucial tool for ensuring alignment of all layers of the organization and their strategic direction. This study examined the level of enterprise architecture involvement in the selection of IT projects in public sector organizations in Nigeria. It also explored the extent to which enterprise architecture adoption could prevent project failure by assisting in the proper project selection process. To fulfill this purpose, a qualitative research methodology was conducted across five public sector entities in Nigeria. The result of this research indicates that the enterprise architecture function was an integral part of project scoping and selection process for the organizations who had EA. Additionally, organizations with EA function experienced improvement in project success rate when compared with organizations without EA. It is recommended that the Nigerian public sector should consider seriously EA as a tool to minimize the wastages resulting from project failures.



Title Enterprise Architecture practice in Nigeria
Subtitle Level of Enterprise Architecture involvement in Nigeria public sector projects selection
  1. Public Sector
  2. Nigeria
  3. Enterprise Architecture
  4. Project Selection
  5. Government
Deposited at February 01, 2018