Drug Addiction: A Literature Review, Spring 15

Addiction has the capability to affect anyone at any point in their life. Whether it is from being addicted to something themselves or through providing support to others as they battle the condition, the effects of addiction are widespread. Addiction results in serious negative consequences for individuals, thus it is important to examine the risk and causal factors associated. Previous studies have demonstrated the influence of the neurotransmitter Dopamine on neural circuits, however there is still a common belief that addicts don’t stop because they don’t want to rather than because they can’t. Understanding why addicts crave their stimulants and continue to act in maladaptive addictive behaviors following negative consequences is significant to ensure effective treatment of the individual but also decreasing the costs addiction puts on the society as a whole. The objective of this literature review is to determine the evidence that supports or refutes the idea that addicts can stop anytime they want and physiological changes don’t occur.



Work Title Drug Addiction: A Literature Review, Spring 15
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  1. Drug Addiction: A Literature Review
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