The role of leaders in enabling student voice

This article explores how leadership can help to enable student voice to occur in schools. We find that the relationship between teachers and the school leader is a critical context for enabling voice. Specifically, we find that the following concepts were important for efforts to enable and foster student voice: (1) clear vision of school that is incorporated deeply into practice as 'the way we do things here'; (2) allowing opt-in strategies for teachers when possible; (3) recognizing that implementation across classrooms and personnel will vary depending on individual contexts, beliefs, and experiences.

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Work Title The role of leaders in enabling student voice
Open Access
  1. Dana Mitra
  2. Stephanie Serriere
  3. Donnan Stoicovy
  1. Student voice
  2. Civic engagement
  3. Leadership
  4. Management
  5. Implementation
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Work Type Article
  1. Management in Education
Publication Date July 18, 2012
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