Responding to Patrons Online

Keynote presentation at the 2019 Pennsylvania Library Association's Teaching, Learning & Technology Round Table Workshop, University Park, PA, Libraries can push content to patrons via websites, email, and social media. But how can libraries better serve patrons when they contact us online? Penn State’s online reference service spans multiple libraries and locations and serves students, faculty, and community members all across the state. Online reference services continue to evolve and grow. Learn how Penn State manages a large number of chats and emails that often need to be directed to various departments or specialists. We will cover the type of questions asked,discuss challenges to providing excellent service, and explore methods for assessment and future improvement.



Work Title Responding to Patrons Online
Subtitle The Technology, People, Problems, & Possibilities
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Creators Bonnie Brubaker Imler; THOMAS REINSFELDER
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Publication Date May 3, 2019
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