What’s your preference?

This study examined the different aspects of visually presented foods such as type of meal, taste profile, plate style, and quality of presentation on individual’s desire for this food. Participants viewed different images of food and reported their willingness to consume and purchase, as well as their anticipated enjoyment of, specific foods. Results indicated that participants generally prefer sweet and refined (i.e., non fast-food) dishes. A preference for elegant ceramic plates and artistic presentation only manifested for refined dishes and had no effect on casual or fast-food dishes. These findings suggest that people are responsive to elegant, stylized dishes but do not apply this standard to everyday dishes.



Work Title What’s your preference?
Subtitle The effect of food, plating, and presentation on desire for food
Open Access
  1. Anh Hong Duong
  1. visual perception
  2. consumer research
  3. meal evaluation
  4. food presentation
  5. hedonics plating
  6. food preference
License CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
Work Type Poster
DOI doi:10.26207/76jf-gb12
Deposited April 24, 2020




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