Development and Experimentation of a Lab-Scale Waterjet System

The objective of this research project was to design and develop a computer controlled waterjet system, with the intent of analyzing system fluid mechanics, small particle flow, material science, and electrical analysis, all while cutting multiple material thicknesses and image patterns. The waterjet system runs by utilizing standard municipal water and accelerating it at high speeds while mixing the water with an abrasive material, fed from a hopper, which allows the jet to cut materials that are otherwise hard to cut with other machines. To operate accurately and efficiently, the system uses a three-phase induction motor, a variable frequency drive (VFD), a high-pressure water pump, a custom computer-controlled operating system, and a standard waterjet nozzle with a small ruby orifice to be able to determine how much horsepower is needed to operate this system at different operating pressures.



Work Title Development and Experimentation of a Lab-Scale Waterjet System
Penn State
  1. Ben Smith
  2. Doug Musser
  3. Matt Richards
  1. Engineering
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DOI doi:10.26207/5yvj-vx10
Deposited April 16, 2020




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