Provider Perspectives of Transitions of Care at a Tertiary Care Children’s Hospital With a Hospitalist-Run Discharge Clinic

Children’s hospitals are discharging patients to home with increasingly complex outpatient needs, making safe transitions of care (ToCs) of vital importance. Our study involved a survey of both outpatient providers and pediatric hospitalists associated with our medical center to better describe providers’ views on the ToC process. The survey included questions assessing views on patient care responsibilities, resource availability, our hospitalist-run postdischarge clinic (PDC), and comfort with telemedicine. Our hospitalists generally believed that primary care providers (PCPs) did not have adequate access to important ToC elements, whereas PCPs felt their access was adequate. Both provider types felt it was the inpatient team’s responsibility to manage patient events between discharge and PCP follow-up and that a hospitalist-run PDC may reduce interim emergency room visits. This study challenges perceptions about the ToC process in children and describes a generalizable approach to assessing provider perceptions surrounding the ToC within individual health systems.



Work Title Provider Perspectives of Transitions of Care at a Tertiary Care Children’s Hospital With a Hospitalist-Run Discharge Clinic
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  1. Abigail Nelson
  2. Heather Stuckey
  3. Bethany Snyder
  4. Lauren J. Van Scoy
  5. Carrie Daymont
  6. Christine Irvin
  7. Emily Wasserman
  8. Michael Beck
  1. Care transitions
  2. Hospital medicine
  3. Discharge
  4. Telemedicine
  5. Hospital follow-up
  6. Patient safety
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  1. Clinical Pediatrics
Publication Date February 1, 2023
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