IT Application and Innovation in Healthcare Records

This paper focuses on IT applications and innovations in healthcare records around the world. The healthcare services reviewed in this article are limited to those applications provided with electronic transmission and the features of the services. The common features of records services are summarized, highlighting the implications for innovation. An explanatory analysis of three categories is conducted to observe and examine the application under each case study. This paper focuses on Smartcard, Patient Portal, and Blockchain-based technology in healthcare. A literature review was conducted to summarize similar concepts related to the application and innovation of healthcare records, including EHR, PHR, Health Card, Smartcard, Patient Portal, and Blockchain-based EHR/PHR. The concept of EHR/PHR is the foundation of this paper, providing the basic idea about how healthcare records are used in the IT system. To effectively share and transfer data, a bridge between EHR/PHR systems and these applications, products, and tools is necessary but challenging. Although achieving seamless transferring between one application and the EHR/PHR system of the healthcare provider is complex, the reality is that such an application may be connected to a given repository. This paper collects the cases and applications that can successfully work with other EHR/PHR systems or national-level services sharing the same database. This paper also points out the limitations to popularizing IT healthcare applications to the public, and proposes recommendations for record reliability, data and storage format, user experience, cost, public awareness and privacy concerns, and other factors.



Work Title IT Application and Innovation in Healthcare Records
Penn State
  1. Yue He
  1. Personal Healthcare Record (PHR)
  2. Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR)
  3. Smartcard
  4. Patient Portal
  5. Blockchain-based EHR/PHR
License In Copyright (Rights Reserved)
Work Type Masters Culminating Experience
  1. Girish Subramanian
Publication Date 2022
DOI doi:10.26207/khdx-qb71
Deposited May 04, 2022




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