Adoption of Technological Innovation Among College Students

The usage of mobile phones has undoubtedly skyrocketed to an unprecedented level today. People do everything on their phones such as texting friends, watching entertainment such as Netflix, making restaurants reservations, checking e-mails, shopping online and so on. The drawback of relying heavily on phone is that phone battery may lose power quickly before the user has a chance to recharge the phone. This research study is to examine consumers’ acceptance towards a relative new technology, portable charger station, which students can rent out for a short period of time for charging to extend their phone battery. I interviewed 100 college students at Penn State Berks via an online survey. I found that the adoption of this new portable phone charger rental service is mainly associated with students’ innovativeness (Rogers 2003) and their emotions towards their phones. Implications are drawn for future research and practice.



Work Title Adoption of Technological Innovation Among College Students
Subtitle The Case of Portable Phone Charger
Open Access
  1. Zirui Wang
  1. innovativeness
  2. case study
  3. marketing
  4. technological innovation
License CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial)
Work Type Research Paper
DOI doi:10.26207/nj21-1138
Deposited April 27, 2020




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