Employee voice viewed through a cross-cultural lens

Employee voice may have positive outcomes for organizations, however, encouraging employees to speak out is not guaranteed unless the organization signals that it is safe and effective for employees to do so. In this conceptual paper, we identify core variables that constitute the norms for voice created in organizations across national cultures. Developing a multilevel conceptual framework of employee voice, we explore how organizational norms related to different voice channels provide signals to employees about voice consequences, namely voice safety and effectiveness. Given organizations do not operate in contextual vacuums, we also apply a macro-level consideration of national culture values that influence organizational voice norms to affect safety and effectiveness signals. A conceptual framework and propositions for future research are presented.



Work Title Employee voice viewed through a cross-cultural lens
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  1. Bora Kwon
  2. Elaine Farndale
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Work Type Article
  1. Human Resource Management Review
Publication Date March 1, 2020
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  1. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.hrmr.2018.06.002
Deposited December 24, 2021




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