Spatial Analysis of Microplastics and Macroinvertebrates along Paxton Creek

This project serves as a baseline study for quantifying the abundance of microplastics and biodiversity of macroinvertebrates at several locations along Paxton Creek to determine if there is a correlation between microplastic concentrations, benthic macroinvertebrates biodiversity, and water/sediment oxygen demand (as a surrogate of organic carbon) at the sampling locations. Since microplastics have never been quantified in Paxton Creek prior to this study, there is no fixed baseline quantity and thus this research will function as a comparative study based on the sampling location. To carry out this study, water, sediment, macroinvertebrate, and microplastic samples were collected at four sites on three separate days (from July to September 2021). The analysis included comparing macroinvertebrate biodiversity to water/sediment COD and to microplastic abundance. The overall results showed that decreasing water/sediment COD corresponded to decreasing macroinvertebrate biodiversity while increasing microplastic abundance corresponded to decreasing macroinvertebrate biodiversity.



Work Title Spatial Analysis of Microplastics and Macroinvertebrates along Paxton Creek
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  1. Alexandra Mary Vo
  1. Spatial analysis
  2. Microplastics
  3. Macroinvertebrates
  4. Paxton Creek
  5. Environmental
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Publication Date December 2021
Deposited December 17, 2021




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