Don't Let All That Work go to Waste

Materials from a webinar presented by Nathan Tallman and Carly Dearborn (Ohio State University) to the Council of State Archivists, State Electronic Records Initiative on 14 April 2020. We preserve our collections, but like the cobbler’s children without shoes, our own documentation of policies, practices, and workflows could be improved. This webinar will highlight innovative approaches from the field (e.g. OSSArcFlow, Rockefeller Archives Center) for creating sustainable documentation that helps pivot projects to programs and foster shared understanding among teams. Participants will be asked to share the pain points and struggles they face in their own organizations as they work to create documentation and use or update existing documentation for their policies, practices, and workflows. Often, these pain points have commonality and through community discussions, we find opportunities to collaborate on shared problems.



Work Title Don't Let All That Work go to Waste
Subtitle Documentation Strategies for Success
Open Access
  1. Nathan Tallman
  2. Carly Dearborn
  1. documentation strategy, documentation infrastructure, documentation
License CC BY-SA 4.0 (Attribution-ShareAlike)
Work Type Presentation
DOI doi:10.26207/f4ts-rm53
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Deposited April 14, 2020




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