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Waste management is a global problem, and to tackle it, industry-wise models will be needed. This paper deals with the estimation of the waste category and the quantity from hotel businesses, and its negative impact on the environment. The data is gathered with the help of an NGO – IPCA, New Delhi. The data thus gathered is tabulated using the waste reduction model (WARM - EPA, USA). Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission from the hotel waste is calculated using the EPA calculator. GHGs equivalence is derived in terms of passenger vehicles, gasoline, electricity used in homes, and energy use etc. using the same calculator. It is unique as it is the first time that the estimation of emission from the hotel waste is being done. It is helpful in raising an alarm for the future problem related to solid waste management. It will help in developing environmental strategies and policies to streamline the SWM practices in this industry. The limitation of this study is that the WARM model uses 46 different categories of waste and their emission factors are accepted as per its norm, which may slightly differ for the similar type of material in India. Authors have modified the model to the extent possible to make it relevant to India.



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