Report of Research on Pennsylvania's Coal Resources IPR-20

This Interim Progress Report contains the technical and fiscal reports on Department of Mines and Mineral Industries Projects for the six. month contract period beginning July 1, 1966. As per established practice, the report consists of two major sections. Section I contains the technical reports, projected plans and information on project personnel. Section II contains the fiscal reports on each project. During the period, July 1, 1966, through December 31, 1966, thirteen programs of research were active under Department of Mines and Mineral Industries contracts at The Pennsylvania State University. Four Special Research Reports were issued during the period bringing the total to 60. Requests for 321 copies of Special Research Reports were received and fulfilled during the period.



Work Title Report of Research on Pennsylvania's Coal Resources IPR-20
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  1. H.B. Charmbury
  2. C.J. Zink
  3. Robert W. Rissinger
  4. Joseph Kershetsky
  5. R.P. Aikman
  6. John Todhunter
  7. G.L. Barthauer
  8. John Seddon
  9. William Sturm
  1. Coal Resources
  2. Interim Progress Report
License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States
Work Type Report
  1. Department of Mines and Mineral Industries
Publication Date January 10, 1967
Deposited November 11, 2015




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