Crowdfunding – It's Here to Stay

Crowdfunding is an appealing idea with many opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. However, roadblocks exist on the path to the growth of equity crowdfunding markets in the EU and the US. The US has made recent changes that should improve the willingness and ability of firms to use equity crowdfunding to raise capital. The EU also made changes by allowing an issuer to raise €5 million during 12 months. Cross-border business funding and smoothly functioning markets are the stated goals of the new EU rules. A question remains if the equity crowdfunding market will take off, as many thought it would in the early 2010s, or if challenges and disincentives will continue to impede growth. However, rewards-based and charitable giving platforms seem here to stay.



Work Title Crowdfunding – It's Here to Stay
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  1. H. Kent Baker
  2. Greg Filbeck
  3. Dianna Preece
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  1. European Financial Review/World Financial Review
Publication Date August 23, 2021
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