Knowledge Assessment: Game for Assessment of Symptoms of Child Physical Abuse

Using serious games as a form of training and education has been a growing trend. While there has been research into the adaptation of games for training, assessment of user knowledge as a whole for the purpose of creating tailored training content has not been closely examined. In this paper, we propose a general framework for creating an assessment game and show how Knowledge Assessment can be used to guide the focus of subsequent training modules. Using our framework, we address the frustration and anxiety expressed by medical and nursing professionals about their lack of training regarding indicators of child physical abuse (CPA) in the United States. We develop the Computer Simulated Interactive Child Abuse Screening Tool (CSI-CAST), which contains scenarios in a serious game and uses assistive AI technologies to assess a group of users and discover features that are important in indicating the users’ collective knowledge identifying CPA. A user study is conducted to show that CSI-CAST is easy to use and it functions to discover specific training needs.



Work Title Knowledge Assessment: Game for Assessment of Symptoms of Child Physical Abuse
Penn State
  1. Richard Zhao
  2. Christopher R. Shelton
  3. Melanie D. Hetzel-Riggin
  4. Jordan LaRiccia
  5. Gregory Louchart
  6. Adam Meanor
  7. Heather J. Risser
  1. educational game
  2. game design
  3. child physical abuse
  4. game
  5. knowledge assessment
  6. serious game
License All rights reserved
Work Type Conference Proceeding
Deposited September 05, 2019




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