PSU Cell Detection Dataset

A new dataset carefully prepared and labeled manually by medical experts at the Center for Molecular Immunology and Infectious Disease, Penn State University. We call it the "PSU Dataset" and it includes 120 images of colon tissue from 12 pigs at a resolution of 0.55μm/pixel. Formalin fixed paraffin embedded pig colon sections were deparaffinized and stained with fluorescent DNA stain DAPI (4’,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole) to visualize the cells. The selected images represent cross-sectional view of the colon epithelial cells. It also comprised of areas with artifacts, over-staining, and failed auto focusing,to represent outliers normally found in real scenarios. A total number of 25462 nuclei are annotated manually by an expert. Refer to [1] for more information. [1] M. Tofighi, T. Guo, J.K.P. Vanamala, V. Monga, "Prior Information Guided Regularized Deep Learning for Cell Nucleus Detection", IEEE Transaction on Medical Imaging, January 2019.



Work Title PSU Cell Detection Dataset
Open Access
  1. Mohammad Tofighi
  1. Cell detection, Nuclei detection, Cancer tissues
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Deposited May 28, 2019




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