Raising the Bar: Librarian as Student-Athlete Academic Liaison

First-year student-athletes are a particularly vulnerable population and can often struggle to manage the whirlwind of new challenges, freedoms, and responsibilities, in addition to greater time pressures and commitments. As a former student-athlete, I experienced this firsthand. As librarians, we wanted to better support their academic success. Though a small campus, through the SAGE Program, the librarian builds an academic mentor relationship with student-athletes benefiting students, the athletic program, and the library. This poster will present ways to connect with athletes and outcomes of academic support initiatives in collaboration with the athletic office that contribute to student retention and graduation. Learning Outcomes: Learn about the expectations and challenges student-athletes face in order to target a sub-group as an academically vulnerable population on campus. Discover ways to connect with student-athletes in order to provide better academic support. Connect with athletics program directors in order to identify mutual goals and shared strategies for student retention and graduation.



Work Title Raising the Bar: Librarian as Student-Athlete Academic Liaison
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  1. Frankie Checchio
  2. Amy Deuink
  1. Student-athletes
  2. Academic mentor
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Publication Date March 2023
DOI doi:10.26207/e0vs-k907
  1. ACRL23
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