Curriculum Representation Matters

Based on this idea that African American adolescents are unsuccessful in rigorous academic and social contexts, I seek to explore: 1) What are the academic and social impact for African American students when multicultural, African American literature and nonfiction works are an essential aspect to the English Language Arts curricula? 2) What are the different forms of African American literature and how does it influence student perceptions? 3) When using culturally relevant text for African American students, what instructional best practices should be incorporated into the classroom to meet the needs of African American students?



Work Title Curriculum Representation Matters
Subtitle Analyzing the Impact of Inclusivity of Multicultural and African American Literature for African American Students
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  1. Jasmine Groce
  1. Black Lives Matter
  2. Instructional Best Practices
  3. Curriculum
  4. Deconstructing Ideologies
  5. Collaborative Learning and Grouping
  6. Nonfiction Literature
  7. Black Students
  8. Exposure
  9. Efferent Stance
  10. Multicultural Literature
  11. Academic Impact for students
  12. Individualized Learning
  13. Authentic Literature
  14. Student Movement and Choice
  15. Black boys
  16. Malcolm X
  17. Aesthetic Stance
  18. Black History
  19. Black girls
  20. Dependent and Independent Reading
  21. African American Literature
  22. Curriculum Representation
  23. Black Students Matter
  24. Discussion-Based Learning
  25. Culturally Competent
  26. Black Literature
  27. African American Students
  28. White Supremacy
License All rights reserved
Work Type Masters Thesis
DOI doi:10.26207/7fj2-bt63
Deposited June 16, 2020




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