BIM-enabled Clash Resolution Optimization Based on Clash Dependent Networks

Building information modeling integrates information from multiple disciplines and significantly improves design coordination based on its visualization and parameterization, especially through detecting clashes. However, the process to solve these clashes is still manual and time-consuming. Some studies have tried to address this field, but they rarely discussed the dependent relationships between clashes. However, clash components are interdependent from functional and spatial levels, and ignoring the dependency may cause iterative adjustments for the same clash. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss clashes from a holistic view and design globally optimized solutions. This paper constructs a clash dependent network by analyzing the functional and spatial dependent relations between clash components and their nearby building elements. Based on the network, an algorithm is designed to optimize the clash correction sequence to minimize potential feedbacks. Feedback relations mean that the post-corrected clashes will impact the pre-corrected clashes, which may cause design rework. The proposed method is tested on a real project and the result shows that the optimized sequence significantly decreases feedbacks compared with the sequence detected by commercial software.

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Work Title BIM-enabled Clash Resolution Optimization Based on Clash Dependent Networks
Open Access
  1. Yuqing Hu
  2. Daniel Castro-Lacouture
  3. Charles M. Eastman
License CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
Work Type Conference Proceeding
  1. American Society of Civil Engineers
Publication Date November 9, 2020
Publisher Identifier (DOI)
  1. Construction Research Congress 2020: Computer Applications
Deposited August 18, 2022




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