Experimental Lithium Facility

Repository for the MTFE (Multiscale Thermal and Fluids Energy) Laboratory's Experimental Lithium Facility experiments. Five Li-CO2 combustion batch reactors were tested, CT scanned post test, and evaluated to determine the lithium fuel yield and specific energy. These experiments were designed to characterize the lithium fuel and carbon-dioxide oxidizer reaction for a conceptual ISRU combustion power system for a Venus lander.



Work Title Experimental Lithium Facility
Subtitle Repository for MTFE Li-CO2 combustion batch reactor experiments
Open Access
  1. Christopher J Greer
  2. Dr. Rattner
  1. batch reactor
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. lithium combustion
  4. CT scan
License All rights reserved
Work Type Dataset
DOI doi:10.26207/wnfy-2v27
Deposited August 06, 2020




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