Broadband Asymmetric Transmission of Linearly Polarized Mid-Infrared Light Based on Quasi-3D Metamaterials

Metamaterials consisting of subwavelength resonators offer an exciting opportunity for realizing asymmetric transmission (AT) of linearly polarized light. However, to date, only moderate/narrow-band AT responses have been obtained in metadevices based on stacked planar nanostructures. Here, leveraging a combination of a genetic algorithm (GA) based optimization method and a membrane projection lithography (MPL) fabrication approach, a quasi-3D metamaterial for broadband AT of linearly polarized mid-infrared light is demonstrated. Facilitated by the customized GA, an efficient exploration of 3D plasmonic meta-atoms with broken mirror symmetry in the light propagation direction allows the satisfaction of the rigorous conditions for AT of linearly polarized waves over a broad wavelength range. Confirmed by surface current analysis, the observed AT behavior is attributed to the resonant coupling between the plasmonic nanostructures located on the two orthogonal walls of the MPL cavities. Incorporating an advanced inverse-design method and a state-of-art fabrication technique, the methodology used in the present study provides a promising route for exploiting 3D metamaterials with sophisticated functionalities via effectively exploring the high-dimensional parametric space offered by true 3D meta-atoms.



Work Title Broadband Asymmetric Transmission of Linearly Polarized Mid-Infrared Light Based on Quasi-3D Metamaterials
Open Access
  1. Eric B. Whiting
  2. Michael D. Goldflam
  3. Lei Kang
  4. Michael B. Sinclair
  5. Katherine M. Musick
  6. Sawyer D. Campbell
  7. D. Bruce Burckel
  8. Douglas H. Werner
  1. Asymmetric transmission
  2. Metamaterials
  3. Inverse-design
  4. Membrane projection lithography
License In Copyright (Rights Reserved)
Work Type Article
  1. Advanced Functional Materials
Publication Date January 7, 2022
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Deposited July 19, 2022




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    • Asymmetric transmission, Metamaterials, Inverse-design, Membrane projection lithography
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