Planning for a Restricted Data Service: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Rich, but sensitive, data about human subjects are increasingly available to our researchers, but restrictions on the permitted use of those data are as strong as ever. Many of the most valuable datasets are only provided to researchers who can ensure that they will work in controlled spaces and with secured technology. Yet the investment necessary to ensure that level of protection is rarely something an individual researcher or project team can cover. This has, unfortunately, spurred the creation of an unknowable number of unmonitored, unsecured research environments on many campuses. In response, several colleges and universities have begun to create services and spaces to support the use of these data. In this webinar, a cross-unit team from Penn State Libraries and Information Technology Services will share their challenges and lessons learned in attempting to create a restricted data service and enclave at their institution.



Work Title Planning for a Restricted Data Service: Challenges and Lessons Learned
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  1. Woods, Stephen
  2. Pickle, Sarah
  3. Irwin, Sarah
  1. library services
  2. restricted data
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Publication Date 2/13/2017
  1. Restricted data services
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