Assessment of Washington State's Articulation Agreements

This paper examines the structure of Washington State’s higher education system and its articulation agreements. Washington State has identified the shortcomings in its statewide higher education system and has taken steps to implement student centered change. The state legislature has strengthened the various statewide boards based upon the barriers they encounter and lessons learned from dissolved predecessor boards. The student centered approach adopted by the legislature is unique in that it sets up a framework to mandate change while also maintaining a level of autonomy for faculty and staff through working groups that affect the direction of change. The higher education environment of Washington State will be examined within the context of best practices identified in literature focused upon student access to higher education through the various avenues available to them with a focus on articulation agreements that ease barriers to transfer. The state is moving in the right direction with its policies. Recommendations are made to ensure legislative intent is followed through with further legislative action and policies that further remove barriers to transfer.



Work Title Assessment of Washington State's Articulation Agreements
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  1. Colameco, David Vincent
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Publication Date April 10, 2014
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