2018 USW/USS Contract Summary

We entered our 2018 contract negotiations under very different circumstances than we faced in 2015. Three years ago, U.S. Steel was struggling under the weight of a mountain of global overcapacity and sinking steel prices. The members of our union recognized that and stepped up to help, agreeing to a three-year wage freeze and working tirelessly in Washington to level the imbalances in our trade system. Our hard work and sacrifice paid off. The company rebounded to earn massive, even historic, profits. However, when we returned to the bargaining table this year, we encountered an ungrateful company that now extended a closed fist demanding a host of deep concessions. There was no evidence that the company was prepared to acknowledge the sacrifices we had made. Instead, U.S. Steel wanted more, even after top managers lined their own pockets to the tune of $50 million over the past three years. The company’s initial approach to bargaining was unacceptable. Still, our committee had an ace up our sleeve – we had thousands of members who we knew had our backs. The company was met in return with the closed fist of an organized union that would not be pushed around. That was clear this summer, when we held massive nationwide marches and plant gate rallies to demand fair treatment. It was even more obvious in September when we called for a strike authorization vote and you responded – unanimously – in support of our bargaining committee. Our solidarity paid off – company management finally realized they were headed down a path that was not going to be good for them, and they were forced to back down. This Agreement is a Win-Win Your solidarity, your patience and your confidence resulted in the agreement that is summarized in this booklet. It contains a signing bonus, provides solid wage increases each year of the contract, preserves our high-quality, affordable health care for both active and retired workers, increases contributions to our retirement plans, maintains our profit-sharing and incentive programs, and allows for much-needed investments in our facilities.



Title 2018 USW/USS Contract Summary
  1. Allison Petonic_steel
  1. USW bargaining
DOI doi:10.26207/c1sy-ct68
Deposited at April 29, 2019