Identifying wine consumers interested in environmentally sustainable production practices

We characterized several wine consumer segments who were “likely” to sample (i.e., taste before purchasing) wine from vineyards using cover crops, a sustainable production practice that reduces herbicide applications, and identified those with a greater probability of being a viable target market based on survey responses. 956 wine consumers from the Mid-Atlantic and boarding US states were separated into segments based on an ECHAID (exhaustive chi-square automatic interaction detector) classification tree from internet survey responses. Six of the 12 created segments (n=530, 72% of training data) contained participants who were at least 1.02 times (index score =102%) more “likely” to try the wine compared to the overall sample (Sanchez, 2018) and were willing to pay $18.99 for a 750 mL bottle of the wine, which included a $1 surcharge to cover associated production costs. Of these, three (n=195, 26%) had the greatest potential for which a marketing plan could be developed (index scores of 109-121%), with over half in each segment willing to pay $20.99 for the bottle of wine, which could motivate growers to consider implementing this sustainable strategy. Although several segments of participants were “likely” to sample the sustainably-produced wine, an ECHAID classification tree allowed us to identify participants who would not pay $18.99 for a 750 mL bottle of wine, even after learning about the use of cover crops and the trade-off ($1 bottle surcharge). By narrowing the number of potential “likely” segments to those with a greater potential of sampling the wine, more purposeful marketing strategies can be developed based on demographics, attitudes, and behaviors defined in the model.

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Work Title Identifying wine consumers interested in environmentally sustainable production practices
Open Access
  1. Kathleen M Kelley
  2. Marielle Todd
  3. H Hopfer
  4. M Centinari
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Work Type Article
  1. International Journal of Wine Business Research
Publication Date July 23, 2021
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Deposited September 23, 2021




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