Capturing and Communicating Stories of Adaptation and Resilience in Coastal Louisiana Through Science Art

To read blog posts on my entire science quilt collection, visit: ABSTRACT: In March 2018, the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) hosted an on-site event with scientists and science communicators themed on coastal optimism. One objective of the OCEANDOTCOMM ( event was to have participants meet with local experts and residents to hear their voices and stories they wanted told about the coast. Tired and frustrated with reports on the “doom and gloom” for the present and future of Southern Louisiana, local residents were asking for stories of positive impacts scientific research is making for coastal communities to remain and retain their livelihoods. Several science stories were produced from interviews with store owners to teachers to politicians. One entire art-themed project was created and is still being added to today, involving quilts. Stitching Hope for the Louisiana Coast utilizes fabrics and patterns in quilts for science storytelling that focuses on adaptation and resilience. Each individual quilt addresses a challenge and solution faced by the physical environment and human communities. One quilt shares the story of how discarded Christmas trees, when placed offshore and parallel to the coast, reduces coastal erosion. Another quilt documents how the TABASCO® Factory in Avery Island, when impacted by Hurricane Rita in 2005, worked with the local community to create earthen levees and partnered with the America’s Wetland Foundation to preserve the coast. One more example is a quilt created after a visit to the lands of the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe, where they cannot leave their flooded land but are adapting to remain through initiatives such as building elevated greenhouses to grow their heirloom seeds. Quilts are a form of creative expression that is accessible to all audiences and a unique medium to communicate stories about our coast. Though the Stitching Hope for the Louisiana Coast collection, individuals beyond the Louisiana shores can understand about the current challenges and actions for coastal optimism. Poster 147-13 from the 2020 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, held online October 2020. CITATION: Guertin, L. (2020). Capturing and communicating stories of adaptation and resilience in coastal Louisiana through science art. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 52(6). doi: 10.1130/abs/2020AM-358169 To read blog posts on my collection of quilts focusing on coastal optimism for southern Louisiana, visit: To view additional science stories in quilts, explore videos in this YouTube channel:



Work Title Capturing and Communicating Stories of Adaptation and Resilience in Coastal Louisiana Through Science Art
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