The Flower Antenna

One of the goals of the “Flower Antenna” project was to manufacture a 1:1-scaled prototype for an industrially-knitted receiving antenna and structure. The purpose of this was fourfold: 1) To understand how to make a multifunctional computational textile; 2) To test out preliminary algorithms to understand how to predict shape and close fit to a compression system; 3) To work with seamless knit industrial machines to develop a system that combined compressive system with knitted structure; 4) To design a working electronic system enabling the textile to capture electromagnetic waves and output them in some form, color, or sound. This work was developed from prior experiments and lessons learned while making the “Woven Light’ project which tried to integrate fiberoptics to stand in for Photovoltaics or PVs fibers.



Work Title The Flower Antenna
Subtitle Knitted wide band receiving antenna
Open Access
  1. Felecia Davis
  2. Farzaneh Oghazian
  3. Befin Evrim
  4. Niousha Keyvani Nejad
  5. Thomas Riley Dimick
  6. Lee Jerome Washesky
  7. Erin Lewis
  8. Leah Resnick
  9. David Reibe
  1. Electronic textiles
  2. Lightweight structures
  3. Computational textiles
  4. Knit architectures
  5. Textile antennas
License CC BY-NC 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial)
Work Type Poster
  1. Elliot Brau
  2. Ciera Jones
  3. Allan Sutley
  4. Jamie Heilman
  5. Steve White Sr.
Publication Date September 23, 2021
  1. Fall 2021 Stuckeman Research Open House
Deposited February 25, 2022




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    • Electronic textiles, Lightweight structures, Computational textiles, Knit architectures, Textile antennas
    • Electronic textiles, Lightweight structures, Computational textiles, Knit architectures, Textile antennas, SOFTLAB
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