A zombie ant agent-based model

A model to recreate the process of a zombie ant leaving the nest to bite the underside of a leaf. Based on the ant Camponotus rufipes infected with the fungal parasite Ophiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis. This model was built in NetLogo 6.0.3 which is available for free at https://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/. The model file is located under the 'model' folder and is titled 'zabm.nlogo'. Once the model is open in NetLogo, click on the 'Info' tab for information about running the model and the model parameters.



Work Title A zombie ant agent-based model
Open Access
Creators Natalie Imirzian
Version number 1
License Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Work Type Article
Publication Date January 25, 2021
DOI doi:10.26207/n8cc-2j90
Deposited January 25, 2021 11:02



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