A Case Study in Lean Construction: Baker Concrete

Baker has been successful in its deployment of lean through a balance of its core values with lean principles. Combining this cultural fit with ongoing, disciplined training in fundamentals for their operations, not only empowers employees but encourages them to strive for improvement in their careers. By defining key processes in their Baker 3.0 Operational Model, Baker has established a platform to spread their best practices as the standard operations. Through this standardization, they are able to embody their core values in their standards and processes. This results in transparent procedures, better communication, and empowerment of the workforce. However, the important feature is that Baker strives hard to balance standardization and continuous improvement. Numerous examples of these techniques were observed in their office and job site, such as detailed weekly work plans. Baker employs visual management and production analysis in their weekly work plan (WWP) to inform all employees to realize the current status of any project with one glance. By standardizing the visuals across all projects, the general superintendent who visits the job site can easily understand how they performed in the past week, what constraints they encountered, and other useful information, such as current daily tasks. In addition to these techniques, Baker employs metrics to track and analyze their performance in different areas, including quality control, safety, schedule, and efficiency of craft. The massive use of data analysis is one of the remarkable aspects of Baker’s lean journey, indicating that they focus on the entire circle of PDCA by constantly measuring and evaluating their processes and seeking improvements on a continuous basis to make adjustments using the best available data.



Work Title A Case Study in Lean Construction: Baker Concrete
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