Mapping the State Concept

Context: State theorists in disciplines such as Sociology and Political Science define “the state” in a multitude of ways. Approach: Ontology is about the nature of “being.” This approach to analysis is non-judgmental. This project, thus, is not about true or false, good or bad state concepts. Every claim defining the state is treated simply as a claim that is competing with other claims in the same scholarly arena. Question: What can be learned by mapping the ontology of the state? (i.e., how concepts are paired together or apart) Conclusion: Scholars generate state concepts with the following formula: “the [X] state.” In order to distinguish their new concept, scholars pair it with and against other, existing concepts. As we shall see, the author ponders whether or not this is a viable, long-term future pathway for state theory.



Work Title Mapping the State Concept
Subtitle Cartographic Definition of the State
Open Access
  1. Justin M Kelly
  2. Nicholas James Rowland
  1. state theory
  2. sociology
  3. science and technology studies
  4. ontology
  5. multiplicity
  6. undergraduate research
  7. political science
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Work Type Capstone Project
DOI doi:10.26207/s5an-j709
Deposited March 13, 2019




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