Six Americas Global Warming Survey As Applied To A University Population

There is a dearth of quantitative studies on university campus populations regarding the beliefs, attitudes, values, motivations, behaviors, policy preferences, risk perception, and underlying barriers to action as each relates to global warming. Studies have established that various persons require different methods of communication in order to engage with and absorb information regarding global warming. A study was conducted at Penn State Brandywine, Pennsylvania, USA across subpopulations (e.g. students, faculty, and staff). This study expands on and contributes to the a growing volume of research previously and currently conducted by the Yale University Program on Climate Change Communication using the Six Americas Audience Segmenting process. Inclusion in a specific audience is dependent on participant’s degree of concern, attitudes and beliefs about, motivations and behaviors related to, perception of risk and preferences concerning policy - each related to global warming. Supporting documentation based on previous extensive research provides guidelines instructing best practices concerning effective communication with each of these audiences, based on how they are best able to engage with and absorb information about issues related to global warming.



Work Title Six Americas Global Warming Survey As Applied To A University Population
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  2. Laura Guertin
  1. Global Warming
  2. Audience Segmentation
  3. Climate Change
  4. Six Americas
  5. Brandywine
  6. Climate Change Communication
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