Improving Authentication and Information Security Using Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledger technology, has increased in popularity since it was first used in 2008 and has applications in numerous business areas including finance, medical, and supply chain. Blockchain enables a trusted transaction among network participants who do not trust or even know one another. Many use cases are being developed because of its unique trust properties. Blockchain has become one of the most frequently discussed methods for securing data storage and transfer through decentralized, trustless, peer-to-peer systems (Taylor et al., 2020). This systematic review will emphasize how blockchain is currently being utilized in healthcare, how to secure that critical data, security standards that must be upheld, and recommendations on how these systems can be improved and strengthened to further blockchains progression.



Work Title Improving Authentication and Information Security Using Blockchain in Healthcare
Open Access
  1. Nicholas Guglielmetti
  1. blockchain
  2. cyber security
  3. distributed ledger technology
  4. electronic medical records
  5. information technology
  6. implementation challenges
  7. patient health information
License No Copyright - U.S.
Work Type Masters Thesis
Publication Date April 15, 2022
  1. English
DOI doi:10.26207/2ejw-bt10
Deposited April 15, 2022




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