Metabolites imaging in single HeLa cells using GCIB-SIMS

Metabolons, multiprotein complexes consisting of sequential enzymes of a metabolic pathway, are proposed to be biosynthetic ‘hot-spots’ within the cell. However, experimental demonstration of their presence and features of their function has remained challenging. We used metabolomics and in-situ three-dimensional sub-micron chemical imaging of single cells by gas cluster ion beam secondary ion mass spectrometry (GCIB-SIMS) to directly visualize de novo purine biosynthesis (DNPB) by a multienzyme complex, the purinosome. We found that purinosomes comprise nine enzymes that act synergistically, channeling the pathway intermediates to synthesize purine nucleotides, increasing the pathway flux, and influencing the AMP:GMP ratio. Our work also highlights application of high-resolution GCIB-SIMS for multiplexed biomolecular analysis at the level of single cells.



Work Title Metabolites imaging in single HeLa cells using GCIB-SIMS
Open Access
  1. Vidhi Pareek
  2. Hua Tian
  3. Nicholas Winograd
  4. Stephen James Benkovic
  1. de novo purine biosynthesis
  3. 3D chemical imaging
  4. Purinosome
  5. metabolon
License Public Domain Mark 1.0
Work Type Dataset
Publication Date 2020
DOI doi:10.26207/8rm3-g809
Deposited February 26, 2020




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