Look Before You Leap: Secure Connection Bootstrapping for 5G Networks to Defend Against Fake Base-Stations

The lack of authentication protection for bootstrapping messages broadcast by base-stations makes impossible for devices to differentiate between a legitimate and a fake base-station. This vulnerability has been widely acknowledged, but not yet fixed and thus enables law-enforcement agencies, motivated adversaries and nation-states to carry out attacks against targeted users. Although 5G cellular protocols have been enhanced to prevent some of these attacks, the root vulnerability for fake base-stations still exists. In this paper, we propose an efficient broadcast authentication protocol based on a hierarchical identity-based signature scheme, Schnorr-HIBS, which addresses the root cause of the fake base-station problem with minimal computation and communication overhead. We implement and evaluate our proposed protocol using off-the-shelf software-defined radios and open-source libraries. We also provide a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative comparison between our scheme and other candidate solutions for 5G base-station authentication proposed by 3GPP. Our proposed protocol achieves at least a 6x speedup in terms of end-to-end cryptographic delay and a communication cost reduction of 31% over other 3GPP proposals.

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Work Title Look Before You Leap: Secure Connection Bootstrapping for 5G Networks to Defend Against Fake Base-Stations
Open Access
  1. Ankush Singla
  2. Rouzbeh Behnia
  3. Syed Rafiul Hussain
  4. Attila Yavuz
  5. Elisa Bertino
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Work Type Article
  1. ACM
Publication Date May 24, 2021
Publisher Identifier (DOI)
  1. 10.1145/3433210.3453082
  1. Proceedings of the 2021 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security
Deposited February 23, 2022




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