Acycle 2.0

NOTE: Acycle v2.0 asks for MatLab RUNTIME 2019a What's New: 1. Completely redesign the GUI for the COCO and eCOCO tool. a, allow spearman correlation method for spectral correlation; b, combine COCO and eCOCO tools into one GUI; c, show data, its periodogram and red noise spectrum as a separated plot; d, show test sed. rates and number of test rates; e, show astronomical cycles of selected solution for the given age; f, eCOCO: padding edge option. 2. Move eCOCO plot to the COCO/eCOCO GUI. 3. Move "track sed. rate" tool to the COCO/eCOCO GUI. 4. Test default working folder writable or not. Warning if not writable. 5. Add the "Spectral Moments" tool by Sinnesael, M., Zivanovic, M., De Vleeschouwer, D., Claeys, P. (2018). 6. Fix a bug of the legend in "Math - Smoothing - Bootstrap"; add warning msgbox. 7. TimeOpt/eTimeOpt add a msgbox to direct users for advanced version of (e)TimeOpt in astrochron. 8. Update the "copyright" and acknowledgment. 9. Include ZB18a astronomical solution. 10. Update Users' Guide v2.0. 11. LR04 Stack data cleaned. 12. Fix many bugs due to MatLab RUNTIME 2019a Compiler.



Work Title Acycle 2.0
Subtitle Time-series analysis software for paleoclimate research and education
Open Access
  1. Mingsong Li
  1. Acycle; time series analysis, software, Matlab
License GNU General Public License (GPLv3)
Work Type Software Or Program Code
Deposited September 11, 2019




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