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Status Symbols: A Study in Tweets

Status Symbols is a series of virtual portraits that are studies of identity in the digital age of social media. Textual updates on sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow for virtual personas to be created with the prodding of, “What are you doing?” or “What’s on your mind?” Status Symbols showcases these text-based identities created from these status updates. Abstract portraits are created with spinning LEDs that translate written words & characters into flashing bursts of light. Custom hardware and software is used to transform the text into binary code with ons and offs of colored light. Each portrait represents a fleeting moment of identity in this digital society. Images were created with an 8 LED array, Arduino microcontroller, tweets, Arduino program, & motor onto 120 Kodak Portra 160VC color negative film using a Hasselblad 501CM camera.



Work Title @petewentz, 3 Aug via web @JustinVaughn yeah #firstworldproblems
Penn State
  1. Lori Hepner
  1. Arduino
  2. Twitter Portraits
  3. binary code
  4. circle
  5. Status Symbols
  6. Art
  7. Photography
  8. abstract
  9. Visual Art
  10. digital art
  11. minimalist
  12. social media
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  1. Lori Hepner
Publication Date 2011
  1. Fine Art Photography
  2. Art
  3. Photography
  4. Visual Art
  5. Social media
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  1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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