Introduction and Literature Review of Building Components with Passive Thermal Energy Storage Systems

Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems account for almost half of the total energy consumption in buildings. While many studies have evaluated active thermal energy storage (TES) systems integrated into the building HVAC system, some other studies have focused on passive TES systems that may be incorporated in different parts of a building and use no mechanical force to charge/discharge. Passive TES systems could improve building energy efficiency by reducing the energy consumption in the building. There are two primary classifications of passive systems in buildings known as sensible heat and latent heat storage systems. While sensible heat storage can be used in traditional solid building materials like concrete, earth, brick, and stone, researchers have found the greater potential of energy demand reduction in the case of latent heat storage via integrating phase change material (PCM) in the building structure. PCM can passively be incorporated in building envelope inside building materials using in-corporation or encapsulation techniques or as a new layer in the construction procedure. This chapter presents a comprehensive review of the literature about both sensible and latent heat storage systems which are implemented in building components, focusing mainly on the performance of various techniques. The advantages and disadvantages of the different research approaches have been also highlighted.



Work Title Introduction and Literature Review of Building Components with Passive Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Subtitle Renewable Energy for Buildings
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  1. Amin Sepehri
  1. Passive storage
  2. Solar wall
  3. PCM incorporation
  4. PCM encapsulation
  5. Form-stable PCM
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Publication Date September 2022
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